on today…

i have a feeling that something big is coming up. it’s like the feeling of anticipating some big event like your birthday or christmas or even halloween. (although i have come to the point that birthdays have become just mere excuses for treating someone or yourself a little more special, and christmas has been reduced to a night of sheer gluttony and materialistic pursuits, i look forward to the melancholy of halloween to balance out my emotional chemistry.) something is definitely up. well, my blog is here, for one. i don’t care if anyone would bother to read it though, i’m content to know it’s there. (maybe i’ll post this on friendster, too. at least then my efforts to pretend to be a good writer could get some sort of mileage, even though it may be as limited as to my 5 real friendster posse.) back to what i was saying: i feel that i’m either headed for something big for today or something really bad. i mean really bad. like something that has never happened to me before. (like, duh, of course it wouldn’t be that big if it had happened to me before, unless it would be another mind-blowing sex session, the details of which may or may not be discussed on a later post.) maybe it’s just me. or may be not. you know, i can’t really tell the difference. i have been right on most things that i have felt for the better half of my existence that even the slightest sign of being wrong would not even bother me anymore. call it arrogance, call it confidence, call it weird, or call it simply “bleh” but that’s what i believe in. that is what i know. something big is coming. i don’t know what it is but i know it’s really close. i’m at the tip of my toes in excitement and when it comes, i’ll know that once again, i am definitely right, and i’d write, “i told you so.” i told you so.


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