Yeah, yeah. Backposting is cheating. I had several backposts from a few days, weeks, months back. Nobody really cares, but hey, I do.

In as much as i want to get my stuff out there, they’re not really good, they’re not really anything. But they’re mine so they go on here, no matter how late it could be. Hehe.

Of course, I’d rather be, should already be sleeping by now but… I dunno.

Late in the Game

I could have done this earlier. Earlier to day and earlier in life in general. But I have been enjoying playing Diablo 3 since quite some time now and I may have been spending way too much time playing. Understandably it’s a bit different now, given that I actually do work at work and barely even got time to sleep, and then I even end up trying to squeeze in dome time ti play after I get home, which kinda makes it much worse. I don’t know. It does make me happy, and for once in my gaming life, I am actually able to do well on this game. And that i the second reason I actually spent for this sexy machine in the first place. Well apart from trying to write that is. And maybe some design shit in the future but that’s something for later.
I am not a good writer. Maybe because I have become such a lazy reader. Actually, that’s just it. Apart form the general fact that I just realized, that most of the writing I’ve done so far in my life were about things that I had to write about, not so much things that I actually want to write about. Now I am finding it hard to actually start writing things I want to write. But then again, I do find that everyday I do get to think of things I’d like to write about, in small fleeting bouts, but they do come sometimes.
Of course as usual, I will never see this through the end again. I have to sleep eventually. I’ll be buying a new TV set for my folks later today.


Surprisingly enough, I am able to go home a bit earlier today than usual. I even found time to get a trim. Not that any of it looks a lot better now I think. I would still come up with some sort of regret every time I get any sort of haircut. I’d find that my hair always takes time to grow on me, even more on people who I see everyday. We’ll see how this goes or how long I can keep this length though. So much for trying to look like a hobo though. That was really hard with the beard and the mustache and all.

No Diablo 3 Tonight

Looks like no Diablo 3 for tonight. Apparently the servers are down and undergoing some sort of maintenance. Pfft. Well then, at least I can go and do some bit of writing.
Well, not much writing it turns out. I pooped a lot. And thought of some things I could write about. But then again, I lost those thoughts within five minutes. I’m trying to get them back now. But no. I must have flushed them along with massive shitload of shit.
So much for actually ever sleeping early though. I want to know how do you actually diagnose an insomniac? I guess I do have to go to a doctor, much less try to look up symptoms of insomnia online. I am actually even unclear how or what an insomniac is.
In all honesty, I am really loving my new notebook. The keys are good, and have good travel and I am able to type as fast as I could possible could back when I was using my Chromebook. Of course with a little more practice, I know I can eventually type a lot faster, but most of the practice I actually get is mostly work related. But I do want to learn touch typing sometime in the near future, though I am not sure if that is really something you deliberately learn or just get used to. I guess I can try zooming into the screen like this to the maximum settings at least I’d be able to see the screen as well even if I am kinda looking at the keyboard.
Of course, as always, I should already be sound asleep. We’ll see what we can come up with by tomorrow then. Maybe an hour of Diablo 3 and some thirty minutes writing.

Diablo 3

What a joy, what a joy! I am finally finished installing Diablo 3 on my new notebook and was able to play it successfully! Happiness is materialistic things.
I checked out the newly opened H&M store locally as well earlier tonight. Yes, there were a few pieces that were nice in concept, but not that much going on there for men. I’d still have better choices at Zara, personally, but then again it’s going to be more expensive. Good showcase, but it’s mostly hyped. Maybe it’s really nice for the ladies, but I don’t really know.
I realized I can pinch to zoom on this thing like stupid. What if i actually stick with this for a bit. It’s weird but kinda nice as well since I’m not really a touch type person yet. Maybe this will help me at least master the layout of my own keyboard. By the looks of it, it is slightly effective, though I still must be wary of over-thinking it sometimes.
I just happened to peel off the last few labels on the top of my new notebook. That I guess means that this is definitely a keeper now, much like what I said about my other netbook which is gathering dust now a few years back. And the same with my Chromebook, only in reverse because I had applied a couple of stickers on that bugger. Oh well. Hopefully this will be a good start.